Baths and Trims

Bath & Tidys include:

  • Bathe with Plum Silky, a mild concentrated shampoo with a wonderful lasting fragrance
  • Blow dry, as needed
  • Clean ears with a non-greasy, pleasant smelling ear cleaner, made without alcohol
  • Clip hair under paw pads & round feet so hair isn’t dragging the floor
  • Depending on the breed, trim hair blocking their eyes
  • Sanitary clip (armpits, groin, poop trail)
  • Clip toenails
  • Brush out any mats, or loose coat still remaining
  • Tidy up anywhere if needed

Trim includes:

  • Bath & Tidy
  • All over body trim

Exit Bath: Just a bath & brush out. This is a much cheaper service since we don’t clean ears, trim hair or clip toenails. We only provide this service if your pet has no matts.