Extra Services

Nail Grind $20

  • Done with a handheld dremel, the nail grind is able to get the nails shorter, rounder & smoother. Ideal for hardwood floors & or leather furniture.

Teeth Brushing $6

  • While not having a noticeable affect on the first teeth brushing, the more this service is preformed the better the results. 

Teeth Scaling $25+

  • Teeth scaling is not for all pets, but if allowed your dogs brown plaque will chip off to a pearly white finish. 

Hot Oil Treatment $15

  • This is a soothing way to bring coats back to their silky state. While the remoisturizing shampoo is set to soak, a warm towel is draped over their bodies to help the skin absorb moisture. 

Flea Bath $6-15

  • Flea bath takes care of the fleas currently on your pet, we highly recommend using a preventative at home.  Ask us what brands we recommend for your situation.

Exit Bath starting at $30

  • A bath & brush, does not include trimming hair, trimming nails, or cleaning ears. Only works for pets without any matted hair.

Poodle Feet $6-11

  • Poodle feet is when you shave to the skin from the wrist down. 

Paint Toenails $15-25

  • For pets without furry feet, or we may need to trim the hair to make the nails visible. We have a variety of colors to choose from. 

Extra Brushing for matts Starting at $10

  • If your pet is matted we highly recommend that you have us shave them, brush burn is common for brushing out matts. To avoid any pain for your pet a fresh start is a great option.  

Brushing for shedding $15

  • We have 4 different de shedding tools used to brush all coat types.

Express Anal Glands $11

  • We recommend to only have your dogs anal glands expressed if it is something they aren’t taking care of themselves. You don’t want to cause an issue that isn’t already there.

Specialty Shampoos starting at $11

  • See a list of our specialty shampoos in the Services drop menu.

Bows $2

  • One bow is complimentary, Two bows are $1.